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Try Before You Buy

Ladies Own Proudly announces try before you buy facility in our store. You can try our products before you buy it, making sure it fits you perfectly and it also liiks good on you. You may think what's the special deal in it. A lot of store everywhere allow trial of their garments and all of them have a proper trial room for that.

Definitely, most of the stores allow trial of garments before you buy them. But none of the store in our city allows you to try undergarments before you buy.  

At Ladies Own we feel undergarments are most essential part of your dressing. hence it must be comfy and should give you proper support.  That's why we not only allow but we encourage you to try the new bra you chose and check their fittings.

In the city we are the only store that provides this facility to you.

Not only you should visit us just for the trial facility, we have another good reason to visit us. We have more brands and designs stocked up with us than any other store in the city. More than 150 Designs are available with us to choose from. Be it a regular cotton bra or a Bridal bra in all sizes.

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